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Q) How much electrical work should I attempt on my own?

A) Doing electrical work yourself is dangerous and could result in costly repairs.

Do not make a mistake by taking electricity lightly, even the smallest job could be a safety hazard.


Q) Does my house need to be re-wired?

A) We recommend a house safety inspection. Wiring that is considered a major hazard is: knob and tube wiring, BX wiring, and an ungrounded system. These compose hazards in your home and if in poor condition, a re-wire should be considered.


Q) What is a GFCI outlet?

A) GFCI outlet is an outlet receptacle designed to protect you from electrical shock when moisture is present. If your house was built in or after 1981,  there is a good chance that your kitchen, bathrooms, garage, and outdoor outlets are protected by GFCI outlets. You can identify a GFCI outlet by the two buttons on the face of the outlet. One button will say “test” the other says “reset”. The “test” button will cause the GFCI outlet to trip (or turn off), and the “reset” button will reset (or turn on) the GFCI outlet if it has tripped. If the outlet will not reset when the “reset” button is depressed, there may be a problem.


Q) I have an outlet in my house that does not work. Should I be worried?

A) Before you worry, find a small table lamp and plug it into the outlet in question. Then, find all of the wall switches in the room and start turning them on.  If you find that the table lamp turns on when you flip a wall switch, you will have stumbled on the solution. Some of the outlets in your house are controlled by a wall switch. This allows a floor lamp to be plugged into the wall as a light source.  If you cannot find a switch that turns the outlet “on”, check around the room and see if other outlets or lights are out. Next, check the electrical panel to see if any circuits are tripped. If they are, reset the circuit breaker.  If you cannot find a light switch or tripped circuit breaker and the outlet still does not work,  be sure to call a licensed electrician to evaluate the problem.


Q) Why Is My Light Flickering?

A) A common cause of flickering lights is that your bulbs are suffering from a bad connection. This could mean that you need to screw your bulbs in better.


Q) Why Did My Doorbell Stop Working?

A) If you have a circuit tester, see that your transformer is still working. Otherwise, your doorbell might have just aged out of its lifespan.  Most doorbells can be replaced easily with two low-voltage wires.






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Electricians neare me Gig Harbor, best electrician in Gig Harbor area, affordable electricians in Gig Harbor area